What is dynamic DOOH content?

Simply put, dynamic DOOH content refers to ads that change depending on the current context of each screen location, and who is in front of the screen.
This type of messaging may also include user-generated content (UGC) and more complex experiential campaigns. All that makes dynamic DOOH ads more relevant than standard DOOH advertising.

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team voodooh

with our combined experience within digital outdoor advertising, we understand the complexities of content management, dynamic campaign delivery, and the day-to-day operational aspects of digital out-of-home better than anyone.


Keith launched his first screen in 1999 and was immediately struck with the intelligent and creative potential of screen-based media. He has been involved in the tech, operations, creative, and delivery aspects of the digital OOH industry since its inception, working closely with suppliers, clients, creatives, agencies and media owners to continue to unlock the capabilities of the medium.


Martin switched his technology skills to Digital OOH in 2004, and has been quietly integral to many of the landmark developments in the space ever since. Whether supporting the tech behind out-of-home screen networks, developing content deployment systems with leading software and production houses, or delivering media firsts with the industry’s major players, Martin is the industry go-to man!


With more than 18 years’ experience across digital media, Sav’s career has spanned TV & Film Advertising, Live Broadcast and Digital Out-of-Home. Within each industry he has pioneered creative and technical concepts, combining them to repeatedly produce and deliver award-winning work. A true digital veteran, Sav’s combination of skills, passion and experience are unmatched.


Tina has enjoyed a long and varied career in both private and public companies but media, specifically digital, is her first love. Organised, pragmatic and entrepreneurial, Tina is a ‘dotcom’ veteran who has been involved in multi-million pound fundraises and AIM floats, specialising in growing business start-ups to maturity.

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let us work with you behind the scenes to co-develop and deliver your next interactive, data-integrated or programmatically triggered campaign, leaving you to win the awards!

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brief us on your next idea, work with us to understand the art of the possible, and then leave it to us to create, develop and deliver your campaign concept from start to finish.


whether you’re a media owner, tech agency, supplier, or systems integrator utilise our industry knowledge, experience and technical skill to help fast-track your next project.


we’ll scope out those custom behind-the-scenes applications and systems to improve, strengthen and streamline your day-to-day digital operations and delivery processes.

digital magic

Broadsign Vegas

In Broadsign’s first fully automated programmatic campaign on the largest Digital screen in Las Vegas

Twitter / Oscars

In live streaming from Los Angeles Hollywood Red Carpet to New York Times Square

Talk Radio

In online content portal allowing radio presenters to write live copy based on their listeners opinions

Creativity Is Great

In live-time copy and image submission, with live loop override mechanism


In real-time traffic speed analysis


In real-time campaign reacting to UK election results and sentiment


In mobile-to-screen gamification

Black Swan Data

In Twitter social influencer analysis with evolving leader-board

Biborg Mobile Game

In mobile-to-screen gamification with live leader-board

Clear Channel Cannes

In end-to-end management of all digital clients, creative development and hardware partners

Timex Group

In live-time sponsorship

Buzz Radar

In Cannes Lions Twitter analysis and live sentiment dashboard

British Airways

In real-time traffic speed analysis and triggering, with live reporting tools

Justin Bieber

In live radio-to-screen integration


In moderated user-generated content

RWC Periscope

In live-time social media streaming


In camera-based audience analysis with curated user-generated content

Ice Cream Smile

In sentiment analysis with associated reward mechanism

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